Wonder Woman Rocked my Socks

Ok, I know I’m probably several weeks late in expressing my absolute FABULOUS review of the Wonder Woman movie, released earlier this month, but better late than never, right?

When my boyfriend asked if I wanted to see that movie shortly after it came out, I’m pretty sure my response was, “YES!!!” Ever since seeing the first preview I’ve been anxiously anticipating its release. I don’t consider myself a feminist, because I think that word, by definition, has been degraded to some form of modern woman that I don’t want to associate myself with, but I will say that I felt a sense of pride in being female when I first heard they were FINALLY making a female lead character action movie like this. There’s just something about being a single mom and considering myself to be a strong woman in general that made me absolutely elated and wanted to see her kick some Marvel ass! Pardon me…I’m getting excited again.

After seeing the movie I was Totally. And. Completely. Blown. Away. I was expecting the high intensity action that the movie clearly achieved, but what really got me right in the feels was the display of compassion, grace and love from Diana –¬†Wonder Woman. I’m not the only one who took note of this either. Take a read here! And get out to see the movie this week!

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