“Detox” Is An Ugly Word

Detox – it’s been a word in recent years that either gets people excited or cringe at the sound of it. There’s this assumption that in order to complete a successful detox you must either starve yourself, eat strange foods or costly supplements only, or spend 24/7 in the bathroom because your body is voiding everything possible. I’m here to say maybe there’s products available to the general public that do promote those things, but not all programs and products are created equal.

A true, healthy detox will not do any of those things to you. Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge will not deprive you of food or consumption and you won’t be running for the bathroom for a full 30 days. Instead you’ll be drinking two filling protein shakes per day with gut-health promoting additives, consuming fizzy sticks and detox tea for energy and calming support of your elimination organs, learning how to exercise in a healthy life-giving way, cooking and eating clean at home with even some tips for eating out, gaining more restful nights sleep, improved mood and clarity of thought, and at the end of 30 days you’ll be so glad you took this challenge because now you have a path to get your life back! This if far from starving yourself to lose weight!

Detoxing isn’t anything new, but it seems to, just recently, be taking the world by storm. Why is that? Well it’s no secret that the United States has been one of the “fattest” countries in the world for several years running. Our busy lifestyles and easy access to fast food, processed and pre-packaged things make poor choices more efficient to make at times, leading to an increased consumption of chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners and additives, which in turn cause inflammation and more deposition of adipose (fat) tissue in our bodies. Dr. Oz completed a three part video series on detox-friendly foods in 2013 discussing the same things we train you on in Arbonne’s 30 Day Challenge!  You can watch the video series below.

This is about learning how to make better health choices when it comes to what you’re consuming to you can be a healthier version of you, that’s it! When you get your gut healthy, stop putting processed ingredients into your body, reduce or eliminate inflammation promoting foods, exercise and consume healthy things your body will begin to function better. A better functioning body will burn fat, and, most importantly, will feel better!

I’m leading a group through a 30 Day Challenge right now and here’s Doug’s 14 day results! He’s down over 20 pounds, wore a pair of jeans this last weekend that were too tight 2 weeks ago, and can now buckle his belt on the third set of holes in instead of the last ones. He’s swinging better each week in his men’s league softball, sleeping better at night and now enjoys working out on a regular basis. The best was when he told me yesterday, “This money saving this is legit. I’m not spending money on crap food or a bunch of beer. Buying healthy food and fruits and veggies is a lot cheaper and I was able to put over $200 in savings this month.” Detoxing has more benefits than just on your waistline! Check out Doug’s before and 14 day picture comparison below!

Are you ready to join my July 1st group? I host groups each month just through a Facebook Group, so no need to join a special gym or meet up. You do your own detox in the comfort of your home on your schedule. To order your kit go to my website and click on Shop Arbonne in the second menu from the top of the page. If you’re already a client or preferred client you can click login. If you haven’t yet ordered then click Sign Up Now under the Preferred Client section (bottom right button). You’ll follow the on-screen prompts until you confirm your registration, then click continue shopping when you see this as an option. After you’ve completed your registration and you’re back where you can shop click on SPECIAL OFFERS and select the Arbonne Special Value Packs. You’ll see the Nutrition One close to the top, if not the first value pack available. Select this one. It will automatically come with a box of Digestion Plus, two boxes of Detox Tea, and a bag of Fiber. You will select your flavors of Vegan Protein (Chocolate, Vanilla, or 1 of each), your flavors of Fizz Sticks (Citrus, Pomegranate, or 1 of each), and a 7-Day Cleanse or Greens Balance. The 7-Day cleanse and the Greens Balance are both options for your free gift, and I recommend having and using both for the 30 day challenge, so pick one in your kit and get the other as your free gift.

I hope you’ll consider joining my next group that starts in a few short weeks! If you have any trouble ordering your kit contact me directly and I can help you to make sure you get it in time!

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